233 dmaa Amorepacific HQ vis003 01
Amorepacific Headquarters
South Korea
  • Cultural
  • High-Rise
  • Mixed Use
  • Office
  • Competition

The building’s design creates a flowing connection for and acts as an interface element between city and nature, commerce and culture, work and leisure, the corporate and the public domain. Public pathways in form of an internal promenade are woven into the area, generating a natural and ergonomic connection to the public transport system and the neighbouring park. The identifiable external appearance of the AMOREPACIFIC headquarters follows the architectural concept’s cohesive leitmotifs. Unlike conventional linear concepts, the striking building rotates against the axis of the existing street line. Through this dynamic movement, the building stands in contrast to adjacent buildings, therefore enhancing its characteristic architectonic ‘shape’. Another identifiable feature is its geometric asymmetry.

Despite the coherent appearance, it constantly offers diverse and changing views to passers-by. Organic correlations and a natural flow define the constellation and positioning of the building parts. The base is held together not by a sharp line of the towers, but through an ‘organic interconnection’. The towers are rooted at the base and grow continuously in height. At the same time, the building’s public zones, including the integrated shopping centre, the foyer, and the museum area, wind around the lower part of the towers. From here, all the storeys of the vertical building are visible, thus underlining the gesture of the tower’s ‘growth from the base’ and making it possible to experience the architectural qualities of both aspects: those situated underground as well as the upwards-reaching ones. Through its shape and urban position the new AMOREPACIFIC headquarters represent an integral part of the Yongsan district. The architectural design makes it both integrate as well as stand out within its surroundings.

Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea


Gross surface area
173.954 m²

Site area
13.500 m²

150 m

Number of levels

Number of basements

Project manager
Sebastian Brunke

Project team
Alejandro Cortes Carrera, Ruth L. Gehler, Gerhard Gölles, Michael Lohmann, Dominik Sedzicki, Nora G. Vorderwinkler

Structural engineering
Bollinger+Grohmann Ingenieure


HVACR/ Electrics
ARUP GmbH with Brian Cody

rajek barosch landschaftsarchitektur

Client / Awarding Body


Ground floor plan

233 dmaa Amorepacific HQ plan section 01

Section 01

233 dmaa Amorepacific HQ plan section 02

Section 02

233 dmaa Amorepacific HQ plan section 03

Section 03

233 dmaa Amorepacific HQ plan 01 floor plan level 03

Floor plan level 03

233 dmaa Amorepacific HQ plan 01 floor plan level 20

Floor plan level 20

233 dmaa Amorepacific HQ plan 01 floor plan level 31

Floor plan level 31