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Shenzhen Bay Tower
  • High-Rise
  • Hotel & SPA
  • Residential
  • Competition

The new tower is designed concerning two main aspects: the relation and proximity to the CRG’s Headquarters and the splendid exposure to the water surface. By reducing the top part of the building and applying a smooth torsion along the lines that connect the upper and bottom floors, it is generated a lavish surface opened to the Shenzhen Bay.

The twisted shape of “Spring Breeze Tower” follows the poetic idea of the lightness of a delicate robe blowing in a fresh breeze. Its dynamic outer aspect finds its continuation inside the building itself:

a generous entrance marked by an accented canopy leads into the central foyer, core and distribution area of all functions inside the tower. Its geometry forms the counterpart of the outer sweep: like a dome, the spatial volume bears over several floors. It creates the access to the apartments as well as to the hotel reception located here.

As height increases, the outer aspect of “Spring Breeze Tower” changes from an explicit horizontal layering covered with a light and translucent “veil” swirling around the Headquarters building to a smooth, reflecting geometric shape rising up vertically to the sky. The terraces on the lower part, assigned to the public functions and apartments, gently merge into the main skin as the rise up in the building. In the opposite direction, the top block, more closed, fades out into the transparency and deepness of the bottom floors.

China Resources Headquarters, Shenzhen Bay, China

Start of planning

Floor area
1.380 m²

Gross surface area
89.800 m²

Construction volume
610.062 m³

Site area
3.790 m²

250 m

Number of levels

Number of basements

€ 107.760.000

Project team
Philip Beckmann, Diogo Teixeira, Waldemar Wilwer, Win Man Paul Neuböck, Monika Princic, Silvia Tripsa

Structural engineering
Bollinger und Grohmann GmbH

HVACR/ Electrics
Energy Design Cody

Cost Management
Vasko + Partner

Client / Awarding Body
China Resources Group


Concept sketch

The twisted shape of “Spring Breeze Tower” follows the poetic idea of the lightness of a delicate robe blowing in a fresh breeze

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