420 DMAA Greenhouse vis 007 The Natural Rainforest
Greenhouse Shanghai
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The project is designed to provide optimal environmental conditions for the five different greenhouse spaces, the entrance building and the public spaces, while minimizing energy needs through a combination of passive and active air conditioning strategies and the use of renewable energy.

To free the interior from any kind of construction, the structural concept envisages that a tensioned lattice structure made of thin steel tubes forms a roof with an elegant and extraordinary silhouette that supports the glass roofs of the different greenhouses, blending them into a single composition.

Bringing nature to the cities is the main objective, thus taking an important step towards promoting new synergies and a new lifestyle.

The design for the Plant Pavilions creates a lightweight natural membrane from the exterior natural landscape to the greenhouse interior providing desired heat and humidity for rare and tropical species. Inside the dome big bodies of water and rocks are used for thermal storage, waterfalls for controlling humidity, and south facing glass walls maximize solar exposure to consume as little of additional energy as possible.

In the greenhouses, different natural scenarios and climates are recreated. Visitors can experience the canyons, sandy dunes and plants from the Desert Pavilion. The swamps, waterfalls and tropical vegetation of the Natural Rainforest exhibition or the digital caves, cascades, fruit-trees and flowers of the Cloud Garden Hall. Nature is everywhere.

Phase I

Gross surface area
35.000 m²

Project manager
Diogo Teixeira

Project team
Yue Chen, Jurgis Gecys, Thomas Peter-Hindelang, Toms Kampars, Prima Mathawabhan, Sebastian Michalski, Ernesto Mulch, Maximilian Tronnier, Toni Nachev, Marillies Wedl

Yiju Ding

Structural engineering
Bollinger + Grohmann ZT GmbH

Landscape Design
Yiju Ding

Modellbau Studio Vienna

The Magic Cloud

420 DMAA Greenhouse diagram 01a concept

nature is the main actor

420 DMAA Greenhouse diagram 02a concept

Elevation south

Floor plan level 4F

Section AA

Modern Cloud & Natural Rainforest

420 DMAA Greenhouse vis 007 01a The Natural Rainforest
420 DMAA Greenhouse vis 007 02a The Natural Rainforest

Flowers Exhibition
Floor plan level 2F

420 DMAA Greenhouse vis 009 The Modern Cloud Flowers Exhibition
420 DMAA Greenhouse vis 005 Corridor
420 DMAA Greenhouse vis 008 The Modern Cloud Mist Forest Exhibition


Vertical Connections
Diagonal stitching
Domes and Lower Surface/ Ceiling

420 VIE18 C013 BG L k3d displacement 2


420 VIE18 C013 BG L k3d utilization1 thicker2 col


420 VIE18 C013 BG L k3d crosssect 3

Overview of the structure

Detail showing closed exterior fabric shading

Detail showing exterior fabric shading closing

Scala Matta Modellbau Studio