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Villa M
  • Interior Design
  • Refurbishment
  • Residential
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Recently, the refurbishment of a three-story villa from the late 19th century was completed. After several conversions over the past decades, the building is now once again used as a residential home – in accordance with its original purpose. The historic exterior façade is listed as part of an ensemble with the neighboring buildings and was restored in close accordance with monument protection. In the process, the conservatory was also renovated in line with the original design.

The north facade, oriented towards the garden on the courtyard side, was deconstructed and restored in a modern form. Wooden slats, projecting alcoves and balconies characterize the new visual appearance. The roof was rebuilt in the established geometry using generous glazing onto the roof garden, which was created as an attractive outdoor space by recessing the roof space. A staircase was added to provide access to the garden from the ground floor level.

Upon entering the house through the historic entryway, the imposing open staircase immediately draws attention. High exposed concrete walls, intriguing light installations, and a full raw steel railing introduce the industrial look that was consistently implemented throughout the house. Elegant floor-to-ceiling steel loft doors emphasize the characteristic original heights of the ceilings, which were retained after the existing building was largely gutted.

The use of tactile exposed concrete surfaces and warm wood floors emphasizes the loft-like industrial character on the ground floor as well, where individual rooms have been combined to create a spacious living and dining area with kitchen. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows, fronted by generous outdoor spaces, draw the greenery of the garden indoors.

Project Manager
Eva Schrade

Project team
Birgit Miksch
Klaudia Prikrill
Julia Oblitcova
Paul Neuböck


Execution Planning
Gruppe GME

Piet Niemann

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Section C-C

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Section A-A

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