116 Apartment Oberlech Adolf Bereuter 017 interior
Apartment Oberlech
  • Interior Design
  • Built

Delugan Meissl Associated Architects were contracted to develop the interior design of a holiday flat on the basis of an existing plan in the traditional and glamorous alpine skiing resort of Lech, Austria. The very narrow ground plot is home to the residential unit spread over three storeys. The design reflects the user’s needs for peace and quiet, privacy and relaxation in order to properly finish off a strenuous day on the slopes in a fitting atmosphere. The interior is decorated in warm earthy colours which successfully creates a comfortable and snug feeling.

They also serve to underline the contrast to the white, cold environment outside. There are no harsh borders between individual rooms but instead they flow into each other seamlessly. The entrance is on the upper storey, on which level you will also find the bedrooms. The individual room-sized berths determine the furnishings one piece appearance. The lower floor houses the living quarters. A generously sized fireplace opens up a sweeping and extensive relaxation area. The materials for the sauna, steam bath and rest areas in the basement were also chosen with the utmost care.

Oberlech, Austria

Start of planning

Start of construction


Floor area
258 m²

680 m³

Project manager
Martin Josst

Project team
Tapio Laszmann, Tom Peter-Hindelang

Hase und Kramer, Dornbirn, Austria

Metal Worker
Hagn & Leone, Dornbirn, Austria

Buttenhauser, Höchst, Austria

Längle Glas GmbH, Götzis, Austria

Home Entertainment
Raimund Kreil,, Götzis, Austria