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Science City Garching (TUM)

Educational Office Urban Design


The new Centre for Machine Learning and Data Science of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) can be found in the western part of the “Science City Garching” campus. The new faculty building is located on the “Science Loop” axis, a green corridor that connects all central research centres, infrastructural facilities and non-university buildings and enables the students and staff of the entire campus to interact. The interdisciplinary and international research facility permits researchers and students from the fields of engineering, IT and data science to work together on research into and the development of forward-looking digital systems.

The design envisages a high-quality architectural and landscape concept with a central square that creates a strong sense of identity. The private areas of the Department of Informatics and the Munich Data Science Institute are raised above the ground so that the “Science Loop” can spread out below. This enables the green axis to expand without barriers, creating a public square.

The building is divided into a base and a “floating” volume above, with a green corridor in the space between. This base is structured by a series of connected boxes at different heights and offers a generous entrance area, a central starting point that links all the shared public areas: the dining hall, a café, conference spaces, the auditorium, an exhibition space, the faculty club and an area for relaxation.

The restaurant (dining hall) opens to the northeast in the form of a large terrace. This acts as a transition zone between the interior and the exterior and invites visitors to linger awhile in the open. The square that is formed at the heart of the project creates valuable public space that can be used for a wide variety of activities. This space is shared by all and encourages casual, informal exchange and, hence, interdisciplinary cooperation.

The design offers a range of working, learning and research options as well as visual relationships that permit both openness and privacy. The exceptional working environment includes spaces ranging from individual workplaces to open-plan offices. As a result, the building supports highly-concentrated, focused work, while also establishing a communicative context for the exchange of ideas and inspiration.

Technical University of Munich Garching


Project team
Mira Al-Suradi
Sebastian Michalski
Paul Neuböck
Nele Hartmann
Thomas Peter-Hindelang
Chantal Sahler
Maria Vrahimi

Structural engineering
Pilz & Partner Ziviltechniker GmbH

Landscape Design
Yiju Ding

Toni Nachev

Modellbau Studio Vienna

Ground floor plan

536 DMAA TUM IT Garching plan floor plan level 01

Floor plan level 01

536 DMAA TUM IT Garching plan floor plan level 04

Floor plan level 04

536 DMAA TUM IT Garching plan floor plan level 05

floor plan level 05

536 DMAA TUM IT Garching plan section A A

Section A-A

536 DMAA TUM IT Garching plan section B B

Section B-B

536 DMAA TUM IT Garching plan elevation north

Elevation north

536 DMAA TUM IT Garching plan elevation east

Elevation east

536 DMAA TUM IT Garching vis002 01
536 DMAA TUM IT Garching vis002 02