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Innovationszentrum Hoffmann
  • Mixed Use
  • Office
  • Competition

This design aims to ensure a high-quality architectural and open space planning concept. Taking up the given block perimeter with its high point, the new building is an identity-creating landmark with a strong visual impact that reveals the three pillars of Hoffmann's culture:

Pioneering – Precise – Personal

Pioneering: The work environment provided by the design with its diverse work options and their spatial formulation is consistently forward-looking and pioneering. The structure is organized around an atmospheric green courtyard and offers a variety of work, training and research opportunities with open office areas, as well as small-scale workspaces and meeting rooms. Visual relationships, openness, short distances and at the same time intimacy enable a unique working atmosphere. From individual workstations allowing for highly concentrated, focused work to open-plan offices creating a communicative environment for the exchange of ideas and inspiration.

Precise: All architectural elements are designed with special emphasis on precision. The exterior façade with its exact louvers in particular conveys clarity, accuracy and elegance at the same time. Resulting in a long-lasting façade with a smart concept that achieves the best possible results in terms of light penetration and thermal insulation with minimal effort.

Personnel: In addition to highly flexible floor plans, it is also a priority to achieve a high degree of individuality and identification within the working environment and each workplace. The green inner courtyard – the Hoffmann Oasis – gives the building a very distinctive spatial character. It provides space for meetings and communication on the various terraces and at the same time interlinks the interior office areas and meeting rooms. This creates a unique spatial configuration, customized for Hoffmann SE, which offers each employee very individual opportunities for development.

Bodenseestraße, Munich,


Gross surface area
27.150 m²

Site area
7.750 m²

57,50 m

Number of levels

Number of basements

Project manager
Diogo Teixeira

Project team
Alexander Nanu
Tom Peter-Hindelang
Diana Cuc

Structural engineering
Sailer Stepan und Partner GmbH


Ingenieurbüro Hausladen GmbH

Fire Protection
HPP Berlin Ingenieure für Brandschütz

Scala Matta Modellbau Studio

Toni Nachev

Floor plan level 1

Floor plan level 3

Floor plan level 4

Floor plan level 5