266 Waterhouses Hafencity vis 003 facade
Waterhouses Hafencity
  • Residential
  • Competition

Living in a special place above the water is the core element of a unique design brief. This background allows for the design to clearly highlight and emphasize the remarkable potential of the location and the living units. It aims at celebrating the particularities of this privileged urban site. The access to the water houses on jetties which act as barrier-free passages between public and semi-public or private areas opens the free view between the buildings over the river Elbe causing a remarkable change in the urban atmosphere.

The footbridge leads to an open water floor which surrounds the paired buildings’ plinth and hosts partly roofed, high quality open areas. The above situated bridge docks on to both sides of the entrance to the respective building’s access area. The quality achieved by the formal reduction and serenity of the three building pairs represents the overriding design parameter at the core of the plan.

Inner Harbor Baakenhafen, 20097 Hamburg, Germany


Floor area
19,444 m²

Gross surface area
23,043 m²

Construction volume
76,328 m³

Site area
2,400 m²

Built-up area
2,400 m²

50.92 m

Number of levels

Number of basements

Project manager
Thomas Theilig

Project team
Philip Beckmann, Sebastian Brunke, Eva Schrade, Christian Schrepfer, Waldemar Wilwer

Structural engineering
Drees & Sommer, Stuttgart

Building Services Engineering
Drees & Sommer, Stuttgart

Drees & Sommer, Stuttgart

Topotek 1, Berlin

Client / Awarding Body
HafenCity Hamburg GmbH
Osakaallee 11
20457 Hamburg

Competition model