265 Baumkirchen Mitte dm 9203 balconies
Baumkirchen Mitte
  • Mixed Use
  • Residential
  • Built

The two bodies of different heights are defined by a strong urban shape and structure by a concise geometric pattern of balconies. This feature puts the building into a balanced scale in relation to its surroundings, thus generating an appearance which is full of character and of high identification value. The exposed northern side’s compact plan and design respond to the adjacent rail traffic, balconies and terraces as well as private gardens open towards the southern courtyard. Generous public and semi-private green areas and recreation zones are located at both fronts of the building.

Their functional ascription is determined by local conditions and influences. Openness and architectural transparency characterizes the whole ground floor zone as a visual, functional and atmospheric link between common indoor and outdoor areas. Aside from the pathways it is especially the multifunctional pavilion which enhances the communal character. The apartment block’s roof landscape was conceived as a versatile common zone. Features which foster neighbourly interaction are primarily located on the ground floor and the 6th floor with its attached roof terraces.

Baumkirchen Mitte, Munich

09/2012[1st prize]

Start of planning

Start of construction


Floor area
12,865 m²

Gross surface area
24,490 m²

Construction volume
above ground
53,160 m³

Site area
7.145 m²

Built-up area
2,652 m²

20,30-23,27 m

Number of levels

Number of basements

€ 24.5 Mio.

Project manager
Philip Beckmann

Project team
Waldemar Wilwer, Anja Vogl, Paul Neuböck

Executive planning
Maisch Wolf Architekten

Construction management
planlust architekten lowitzki + wunderlich gmbh

Project controlling
Patrizia Immobilien AG

Structural engineering
IGK Ingenieurgesellschaft Klein mbH

Fire protection
Peter Seitz Ingenieur- und Sachverständigengesellschaft mbH

Mahl Gebhard

Building services Engineering
RS Ingenieure

Bulding physics
Müller BBM Gmbh
Möhler + Partner Ingenieure AG

Hans Stephan Ing.-Büro für Fassadentechnik GmbH

Client / Awarding Body
Baumkirchen WA1 GmbH & Co. KG

Rainer Viertlböck

Ground floor plan

Floor plan level 6