410 Offshore Borkum dmaa vis 001 exterior view

Offshore Borkum


Design Development

As part of the urban development of Borkum-Reede a series of compact and architecturally sophisticated residential units are being created in the northern part of the harbour for workers in the offshore sector.

The quarter, which includes personnel accommodation, retail space and high quality social areas, enjoys an exclusive location on the old naval harbour at the southern tip of the island and is making a key contribution to the revival of the area. The form, materiality and positioning of the design concept refer to the topographical characteristics of the location.

The buildings, most of which have two storeys and a pitched roof, enhance and structure the development in a way that is typical for the locality. The shaping of the site will increase the level of flood protection.

The generously laid out external areas empathise with the landscape of the surrounding dunes, above which the buildings appear to float.

The brick façades, with their inset block windows and applied loggias, shape the external appearance of the residential blocks while timber slats, which are positioned at rhythmic intervals along the loggias, structure the built volumes.


Right at the Harbour -
residential project
for offshore employees!