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Atlantic Hotel & "Tower Ost" Erfurt

Interior Design Hotel & SPA Office High-Rise

Design Development

The creation of ICE-City, one of Germany’s largest urban development projects, is significantly changing the city of Erfurt and, in particular, the area around the Central Station. In reference to the Erfurt motif of “a bridge with two highpoints”, two high-rise buildings will be realised very close to the station. With their strong sense of identity, these towers should act as a symbol of the modern Erfurt. In order to do justice to the complex brief in both architectural and urban design terms, two strongly-related building volumes were designed, whose architectural appearance makes a statement in the urban context and which offer new spatial qualities, both within and without.

The first building is “Tower West”, a 50-metre-high hotel building at the point where Erfurt’s historic centre meets the emerging ICE-City quarter. The design concept of the future Atlantic Hotel reacts to this dynamic urban development while also referring to the typical, half-timbered architecture of central Erfurt.

The defining element of the design for the hotel façade is the timber structure: The timber-framed buildings of the Krämerbrücke and the special jointing detail of the traditional “Thüringer Leiter” framework provided the motif for this reinterpretation of one of Erfurt’s typical features.

The base of the building, which incorporates such functional areas as the restaurant, event spaces and a spa, acts as a connecting element with the surrounding public space. The generously designed open stair, which recalls the steps of Erfurt Cathedral, leads to a publicly accessible terrace that is finished to a very high standard. This urban terrace also offers imposing views across the site of the historic city moat towards ICE-City.

“Tower Ost” will be a state-of-the-art workplace. With a height of 60 metres, the building will act as a suitable counterpart to the hotel. As in the case of “Tower West”, the design of the base pays particular attention to the public realm. The terraces of both buildings enter into a joint dialogue with the river, provide additional public space and anchor the towers in the urban grain.



“Typical Erfurt”
– Visualising identity

Modellart | Michael Eisenkölbl

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