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MedUni Campus Mariannengasse

Educational Healthcare Refurbishment

Under Construction

The new MedUni Campus Mariannengasse of the medical university Vienna is located in the densely-built classic block structure between the new urban concept of major structures and the old AKH (General Hospital of Vienna). This urban tension affects the project spatially, but also from a building- and medical history perspective. Old and new determine not only the surrounding but also the building site itself: the new campus is interlinked in various ways with the existing third-party uses in the edge of the block, as well as with the retained buildings which are partly under the protection for listed buildings or ensembles.

This complex framework is not an obstacle but quite the opposite: It is the opportunity to create a very special place where the balance between new and existing generates a unique quality and atmosphere.

The campus refers in many ways to the design of the adjoining Gründerzeit facades despite its use of contemporary materials and glazing: The division in basement and main façade is continued, and the plasticity of the architectural elements is reinterpreted. Significance and requirement of the new campus and its integration with the existing environment are clearly visible.

The relatively loose design of the lower, predominantly public levels promotes informal communication as well as interdisciplinary work. It enables a multitude of possibilities for future forms of teaching and communication. An „urban landscape“ can be adapted to the respective needs within the articulated topography – it creates a kind of open „covered space“.

As a counterpart to the topography on the ground, a „cloud“ modulates the space in its third dimension. In combination with individually designed courtyards it creates diverse atmospheres within the space. This is contrasted by the highly optimized spatial geometry in the floors above, which - although highly flexible - imply specific functions.

The dining hall was intentionally located on the ground floor of the listed building - not only due to its central location and charming architecture, but also to focus on the important link between old and new, tradition and high tech, as well as existing and new.

MedUni Campus Mariannengasse

Mariannengasse 4-6
1090 Vienna, Austria

2018 [1. prize]

Start of planning

Start of construction


Floor area
46.000 m²

Gross floor area
60.000 m²

Gross floor area
45.000 m²

240.000 m²

Site area
8.602 m²

35 m

Number of Levels

Underground Levels

€ 140 Mio.

Project Manager
Bernd Heger

Project Team
Gerhard Gölles, Philip Beckmann, Paul Neuböck, Magdalena Czech, Maximilian Tronnier

Client/Awarding body
BIG Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft
MedUni Wien

GP Partner ARGE
Architektur Consult

Implementation planning/
Cost management
Architektur Consult

Structural Engineering
Bollinger + Grohmann

Building physic/façade
Dr. Pfeiler ZT GmbH

Landscape design
Agence Ter, Kirsten Schomakers

Fire protection
Rabl ZT

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