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HEWI Range 120
  • Industrial Design
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Together with Hewi, Delugan Meissl Associated Architects Vienna conceived the 120 hardware series made from synthetic material. The architectural context of the joint work has resulted in products which reflect the approach of the renowned architectural practice: harmonising fluent spatial relationships with the dynamic appearance of the buildings. The lever handle model integrates the previously separate rose both in design and in functional terms.

The framed door handle merges into the chosen long backplate in a similar way and thus offers an extremely elegant solution for profiled doors. The original, characteristic form of the lever handle results from the development of a dynamically folded silhouette – high presence and extraordinary haptic guaranteed. The components of the 120 range will be produced from synthetic material with a steel core using a polyamide casting method and will be available in a matt black colour.

The initial range includes lever handles, framed door handles, window handles and push handles. The components are produced from polyamide with a steel core in the lug using a polyamide casting process. The steel core ensures fitness for commercial and public buildings and fire safety System

door and window fittings

Available since

HEWI Heinrich Wilke GmbH

Project manager
Martin Josst

Project team
Christian Schrepfer, Anna Edhofer

Product Range
Door handle 125
Door handle 126
Window catch 120

white high gloss and black matt


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