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The shell seat is the first piece of TENDO, the furniture series which combines constructive lightness and functionality in a balanced way. Defining features of the design are the dynamic interplay and the characteristics of wood and stainless steel. The fusion between the delicate wood construction and the stainless steel bearing structure makes TENDO into a synergistic unity as regards the lightness of the design and functional stability. Materials and design are combined in a highly comfortable and practical shell seat. Up to ten seats can be stacked, therefore reducing the needed storage space.

TENDO is also available with a textile upholstery in several colours. The precise harmonisation of the materials’ properties in view of their functions allows for a sustainable dimensioning of all components. Therefore the elegant end product can be produced in a cost-efficient way. TENDO ‘s design is meant to be available in several variations, while at the same time ecological and economic factors are considered. Single parts are flexible and usable in different ways, like parts of a modular assembly system. They represent the basic elements of the TENDO furniture range which will be complemented by tables, armchairs, and functional accessories.

Home- and Contract Furniture Series

since 2013

Project manager
Christian Schrepfer

Project team
Luís Soares


Braun Lockenhaus
A-7442 Lockenhaus

Product line
with and without arm rest separate backrest and single plywood shell different upholstery options, functional accessories

Oak / Stainless steal
Beech / Stainless steal