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Gasstrasse Hamburg

Landscape Design Mixed Use Office


This commercial project on Gasstrasse in Hamburg Bahrenfeld has been structured at a number of scales, from the building volume to the façade, as a means of integrating it carefully into its context. The individual volumes facing Gasstrasse and the south are shifted backwards and forwards to create a sequence of special external and forecourt spaces that transform the overall complex from a series of large-scale volumes into an ensemble of rhythmically arranged and aesthetically similar individual buildings. Generous openings between these elements establish a series of vistas, while also reinforcing the legibility of the connected volumes.

One objective of the project is to sustainably enhance the potential and character of Gasstrasse. The streetscape is addressed as a whole and given a sense of continuity by a uniform surface treatment. This underpins the development of a dynamic ground floor zone, which is closely intertwined with the functions at the upper levels.

While this ground floor is executed in reinforced concrete in order to create a ‘solid’ base, the office areas above consist of modular ‘realms of possibility’ that combine with green external spaces at every level to create a positive environment for working and communication.

The timber structure is topped off by almost column-free steel elements, whose shed roofs recall industrial halls and, hence, refer to the history of the site. This rooftop level consists of larger, flexible spaces, which are ideal for not only open office landscapes but also such functions as internal events, conferences and parties. A generous series of terraces with a range of external spaces and flowing transitions between interior and exterior is also created between these ‘halls’ along the entire length of the building.

These office and commercial buildings complete the Gasstrasse Quarter and lend it a powerful presence towards the south. An open space that is shared by the office workers and the local people integrates the ensemble into the neighbourhood. The extensive areas of new trees, gardens full of wild shrubs and natural green spaces are connected by a dense network of footpaths. The complex also enjoys excellent public transport connections.

Besides the predominant use of timber, the combination of geothermal energy and roof-mounted photovoltaic panels also ensures that the project is particularly sustainable.

Bahrenfeld, Hamburg


Gross floor area
part A - 31.543m²
part B - 10.954m²

Site area
10.471 m²

57 m

Number of levels

Number of basements

Project manager
Sebastian Brunke

Project team
Dušan Sekulić, Tom Peter-Hindelang,
Anna Piasecka, Adrian Stein

Giulio Pellizzon

Michael Eisenkölbl

Structural engineering

Landscape design
Rabe Landschaft

Energy design

Cost estimation

site plan

shared space

green area


491 dmaa Gasstrasse plan level 00

floor plan level 00

491 dmaa Gasstrasse plan level 01

floor plan level 01

491 dmaa vis 11 A1 office space
491 dmaa vis 13 A1 forum

floor plan level 06

green area roof
green oasis
(Rabe Landschaftsarchitekten)

491 dmaa vis 14 A1 roof level
491 dmaa vis 15 A1 roof level
491 dmaa vis 16 A1 roof level
491 dmaa vis 17 A1 roof level

circular flow
(Rabe Landschaftsarchitekten)


491 dmaa Gasstrasse m0874
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491 dmaa Gasstrasse m0898

Michael Eisenkölbl