197 TS 11 Herta Hurnaus 10 interior
TS 11
  • Interior Design
  • Residential
  • Built

TS11 represents the architectural approach of flowing spatial transitions, the borders between the interior and the exterior are extensively dissolved, whereupon the architectural concept stands in a balanced relation with the surroundings.

Generous glazing creates manifold visual relations, different moods of the lighting generate differentiated perceptions of space, the occupant becomes a part of the urban fabric, the urban fabric a part of the interior.

The consciously chosen monochromatic material concept, as well as the intentionally set accents of the particular furnishings – such as the monolithic kitchen element made of black stone and the individually configurable set of shelves – intensify the ever-changing spatial experience.

Different levels articulate the entire living area, which in proportion always correspond to an optimum seat height, so as to allow for a flexible usage. The white bedroom with an integrated bathroom area conveys the feeling of calmness and relaxation.

The spacious southern-oriented terrace is divided into different functional areas thanks to vertically offset areas, a water basin, as well as insular green spaces.


Start of planning

Start of construction


Floor area
200 m²

Gross surface area
255 m²

Construction volume
900 m³

120 m²

Project manager
Gerhard Gölles

Hertha Hurnaus

Construction management
Cad Office Müllner

Structural engineering
Werkraum Wien Ingenieure

Project controlling
Cad Office Müllner

Bulding physics
Vasko+Partner Ingenieure

HVACR/ Electrics
Vasko+Partner Ingenieure