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Staatstheater Karlsruhe
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The „Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe“ is one of the most successful opera and theatre halls in Germany. Its central position in Karlsruhe directly at the intersection of the city’s two main arteries as well as its unique appearance further underline the importance of this institution.

The present extension and refurbishment concept incorporates the important parameters of the existing building and strengthens its qualities in the interior as well as the exterior. The existing building is extended in three development axes. Thus, a building is created, which is well connected to its urban surroundings, openly presents its various functions and establishes a clearly defined free space.

The building reaches towards the far edges of the plot and valorises the visual relations between the city and the theatre, thus anchoring the new building more strongly within the urban fabric. Stages for rehearsal and workshops are more strongly visually integrated within their surroundings; the theatre landscape “behind the backdrop” receives an adequate relevance. These annexes accommodate the existing height level of the building, whereas the stage tower of the new theatre creates a counterpart to the opera house.

The foyer expands across multiple levels and functions as a public meeting point between the multifunctional theatre space and the multitude of stages within the building. In doing so, the sculptural attributes of the existing building are conserved and carried on. The complicated functional connections of the “Staatstheater” are optimised within the framework of the project.

The whole ensemble is held together by a prominent roof structure, which overflows into façade areas of diversified height and creates a strong urban visual appearance suitable for a cultural institution of such importance.

Construction site - WEBCAM

Baumeisterstraße 11
76137 Karlsruhe

2015 [1st prize]

Floor area
32,000 m²

Gross surface area
52,000 m²

Construction volume
305,000 m³

Site area
37,100 m²

Number of levels

Number of basements

Project team [competition]
Bernd Heger, Sebastian Brunke, Bogdan Hambasan, Tom Peter-Hindelang

Project manager
Bernd Heger, Sebastian Michalski

Project team
Antonella Amesberger, Magdalena Czech, Lukas Gschweitl, Daniela Hensler, Michael Lohmann, Toni Nachev, Julia Oblitcova, Diogo Teixeira

Wenzel + Wenzel Architekten

Construction management
Wenzel + Wenzel Architekten

Land Baden- Württemberg
Stadt Karlsruhe
Das Neue Staatstheater

competition model Helmut Bätzner

Competition model by DMAA



Helmut Bätzner