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For the property, which according to the dedication provided for the construction of one structure, DMAA developed a three-part ensemble at the foot of a gently rising hill range, located on the outskirts of Merano. The lush and diverse vegetation of the adjacent natural space determines the character of this site and became the central motif of the architectural concept. Nature is the protagonist of a spatial staging characterized by horizontally and vertically layered spatial filters, which are laid in lamella-like bands of variable density around and between the individual building structures. These structures cover the connecting network of paths in the outdoor space of the complex at different heights, serve as scaffolding for climbing plants, and provide zones of retreat and domestic intimacy in the apartments despite floor-to-ceiling glazing throughout.

Due to the generous balcony and terrace areas, which fluidly connect the apartments on all floors with the individual outdoor spaces, the form-giving contours of the individual building volumes recede into the background. This feature is further enhanced by the structuring of the multi-layered spatial grid, evoking the spirit of Californian modernism.

The three-story structures offer a broad mix of differently sized and individually scaled apartments that provide light-filled living and common spaces, unique views, as well as zones of retreat and intimacy. All apartments have generous outdoor areas, entirely zoned by trees, perennials and densely overgrown pergolas, providing sufficient privacy even on the first floor.

The vegetation organically connects the complex with the surrounding landscape space, which is perceived as an extended living space.


Merano, Italy

Start of planning


Site area
4.588 m²

Gross floor area
1.186 m²

Number of levels
E + 2

max. 8,49 m

Project manager
Marinke Böhm-Kneidinger

Project team
Michael Lohmann, Alex Pop

Pohl Immobilien


Executive planning
Elmar Unterhauser Architects

Landscape architects
Galabau KG des Nikolaus Messmer & Co.

Structural engineering
Dr. Ing. Siegfried Pohl

Building physics

Oskar Da Riz
Oliver Jaist

397 ANTONIANUM meran courtyard dm vis 002 concrete
397 ANTONIANUM meran courtyard dm vis 002a
397 dmaa ANTONIANUM DR16080 B Oskar Da Riz
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A casa in un’oasi verde
a Merano

eleganza discreta

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Interview Pohl Immobilien