Hanns Seidel Platz

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Hanns Seidel Platz

Living, Mixed use, Towers

Competition 2013,
1. price
Planning phase

Gross floor area
34.000 m²

Site area
7.362 m²

Project Manager
Gerhard Gölles
Philip Beckmann

Alejandro Carrera
Christian Gross
Catarina Mendonca
Diogo Teixeira


Project Partner

Wimmer und Partner

Landscape Architecture
EGKK Landshaftsarchitektur

Structural Engineering, Facade


awarding body/client
GEWOFAG Grundstücksgesellschaft mbH
Kirchseeoner Straße 3, 81669 München
Landeshauptstadt München

As an integrative local city center that is neatly positioned in the surrounding urban context, this project in the Neuperlach district in Munich clearly upgrades the architectural profile of this section of the town. The building complex offers a framework for public utilization, for 160 subsidized apartments, and for a number of social and cultural institutions. Forming a kind of a clasp, a flying roof ties the individual buildings of the new complex together. The private and public use of the roof gardens ensures a high level of identification on the part of the local residents. 

“From an architectural and urban planning point of view, the design of Delugan Meissl finally gives the center of Neuperlach the attention it deserves as a home to over 109,000 residents”, says Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Merk, Munich's City Building Councilor. “The grand gesture of the building complex addresses the urban planning concept of the Hanns-Seidel-Square and offers an excellent framework of public use, as well as its use as a residential area. I am quite confident the lavish/bountiful public roof gardens will be an attraction not only to the residents of Neuperlach, but also for the whole of Munich.“ The new local city center at the Hanns-Seidel-Square is due to be completed by 2019.